Polish Spell-checker, Thesaurus and Hyphenation
for Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, PowerPoint

If you need a facility to spell-check your work without leaving your favorite word processor, these are the products for you. Polish language modules make your MS Office Polish language aware. The spell-check can be activated from within MS Word, Excel, Front Page, or Power Point by clicking exactly the same button as you do for checking your English documents. All versions have spell-checking, thesaurus and hyphenation modules and built-in dictionary of over 750,000 Polish words and phrases. You can also add new words to the dictionaries and modify them to your specific needs.

[speller gif]

There is also an excellent Thesaurus included. To find a word with similar meaning just select it and click on Thesaurus. You will have an instant access to over 750,000 words and phrases.

[thesaurus gif]

You don't even have to know Polish since you'll be using a standard MS Office interface.

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